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Yading Trekking Tour

Have you aspired to go "Shambhala", a magic, pure, attractive dreamland-like place described in the novel Lost Horizon? Then come to Daocheng and Yading, the "Last Shangri-La" discovered by Joseph Rock in 1928, located in the remote area along the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Trek from Muli to Yading in the footsteps of Rock to be captivated by the primitive Tibetan villages, magnificent valleys, virgin forests, highland pastures, snow-capped mountains and ancient glaciers, and thrown definitely back to thousand of years ago into the world of splendid beauty and purity as if in the fairy land.


  • Trekking along the scared snow-capped mountains, through virgin forest, vast pastures, and picturesque valleys.
  • Photographing spectacular natural beauty and Tibetan cultural sites.
  • Having a rare glimpse into Tibetan rural life in the oldest civilization in the world.

Trip Itinerary

1 Chengdu-Xichang Arrival Hotel -
2 Xichang City- Muli County Transfer Hotel B,L,D
3 Muli County - Shuiluo Township-Dulu Village Trekking Local Family B,L,D
4 Dulu Village - Shuiluo Gold Mine - Buddha Cave Trekking Tent B,L,D
5 Buddha Cave - round of Chanadorje (Vajrapani, 5958 m) - Zabala Pass Trekking Tent B,L,D
6 Zabala Pass-Xinguo Pasture Trekking Tent B,L,D
7 Xinguo Pasture -Black Lake-Xiadu Pasture - Shehu Lake Trekking Tent B,L,D
8 Shehu Lake -Five-Color Lake -Luorong Pasture (4100m) - Chonggu Monastery Trekking Tent B,L,D
9 Chonggu Monastery - Kasi Hut Trekking Tent B,L,D
10 Kasi Hut - Kasi Village - Daocheng Trekking Hotel B,L,D
11 Daocheng - Chengdu Departure - B

Day 1: Chengdu-Xichang City

Commencing in Chengdu we enter the foothills of the Tibetan Plateau east of the old walled city of Xichang after 8 hours' drive along the highway. From here, we'll proceed through high nomad country, forested woodland and remote villages to the Sichuan - Yunnan frontier. Stay overnight in Xichang City.

Day 2: Xichang City- Muli County

After breakfast, we'll depart for a drive to Muli County with a lunch stop at Yanyuan County. Along the Yanglong River, we begin to take in the beautiful highland views of the rolling mountain landscape. Arrive in Muli in late afternoon. Stay overnight in Muli County.(B, L, D)

Day 3: Muli County - Shuiluo Township-Dulu Village (2700m)

We replenish with a breakfast and then head out on a full day of driving to Dulu Village. The winding mountain road gradually leads us into the primitive nature. En route, we'll pause at Muli Grand Monastery with enchanting view overlooking the three sacred peaks of Yading. Some pictures taken by Rock are treasured up in the monastery. Afterwards, we'll enter a dream-like fairyland, Changhai (Long Sea), a volcano lake surrounded by a meadow and with beautiful reflection of green mountains. Dozens piles of giant mani stones remind that we arrive at the Tibetan community of Dulu, the starting point of our adventurous trek trip. Stay overnight in the local house of Dulu Village.(B, L, D)

Day 4: Dulu Village - Shuiluo Gold Mine - Buddha Cave (3600m) (5-6 hrs trekking)

In the morning, we'll put on our backpacks and set off on the trail. Trek along Baishui (White Water) River till to Shuiluo gold mine. The farm terrace patches disappear when we are in the wilderness in the Baishui valley. We'll picnic along the way with unspoiled scenery of the luxuriant primitive forest. With gradual elevation rise, we finally arrive at the Budda Cave, where camping site is selected.(B, L, D)

Day 5: Buddha Cave - Mancuo - round of Chanadorje (Vajrapani, 5958 m) - Zangbie Pasture - Base under the Za

We wake to a breakfast, break camp, and then set off on foot. Following the winding trail in the mist, we continue ascending in the primitive forest, along with streams, waterfalls, withered trees and sprouts, singing birds. Landscapes change into rocky faces as we walk out of the forest and the scared peak Chanadorje (Vajrapani, 5958 m) in Yading Natural Reserve comes into our sight. Marching along the south face of Chanadorje, splendid alpine lakes, rivers and meadows are the only things we can see on route. At last, we'll get to camping base under the Zabala Pass with the splendid view of the snow mountain.(B, L, D)

Day 6: Cross Zabala Pass-Xinguo Pasture (4200m) (7-8 hrs trekking)

We awaken in the wilderness and refuel with a breakfast before starting today's demanding trek. We'll trek along the south slope of Mt. Chanadorje, accompanied by the alluring scenery of Chenadorje and Jampayang (two of the three holy mountains in Yading), white snow at the top, sandy-brown rocky mountain in the middle and green forest at the bottom. In summer, azalea scatters over the slopes. In October, yellow and red leaves describes the yet warm autumn here. Our route is also enriched with small but turquoise alpine lakes, and vast meadows. We'll then conquer the steep Zambala Pass (5000 meters) and be rewarded with marvelous view of the thousand-year-old virgin glacier and flying waterfalls. After the pass, the way goes all the way down till the Xinguo Pasture (4200m) right behind the peak of Jampayang. We camp overnight on the pasture.(B, L, D)

Day 7: Xinguo Pasture -Black Lake-Xiadu Pasture - Shehu Lake (4400m) (6-7hrs trekking)

Have breakfast and pack more drinking water before we challenge the strenuous trek on the highland above 4000m altitude, through steep ridge, snow-covered path and zigzags hillside. We march in the misty canyon between the steep mountains, passing by a number of mani piles and prayer flags, edgy rocks and odd-shaped stones regarded by Tibetan Buddhists as divine Buddhist bibles and Buddha, which offer a rare glimpse of Tibetan culture. Over the zigzags we reach the mysterious Black Lake, just like a black jade set in the mountains. Legend has it that if you shout loudly beside the lake, it will soon be cloudy and hail followed. Trekking along the south slope of Jambeyang Mount (Manjusri, 5958m) and get to Xiadu Pasture. Finally we get to a turquoise colored lake named Shehu Lake (Lake of Snake), because it has a form that resembles a snake. Embraced by two scared mountain, Chenresig (Avalokitesvara, 6032m) and Jambeyang, it offers indescribable tranquil beauty and is also a sacred meditation location for the Tibetan Buddhists. Camp overnight.(B, L, D)

Day 8: Shehu Lake -Five-Color Lake -Milk Lake- Luorong Pasture (4100m) - Chonggu Monastery (6-7hrs trekking

Depart from Shehu Lake and cross over Chenresig Pass (4900m) where prayer flags fluttering in the strong highland breeze, we get into the Yading Scenic Area. We pause at Five-color Lake to capture its splendid beauty with the clear reflection of the snow-carpeted peaks, and are attracted by the Milk Lake, a stunning glacier fed lake on the south end of Mt. Chenresig, just as white as milk owing to the white stones in the bottom of the lake. Continue trek down to Luorong Pasture. It offers an amazing view of all 3 holy mountains. On the right side is Mt. Chenresig's (Xian Nai Ri in Chinese) southeastern face. On the left side is Mt. Chanadorje's (s Xia Nuo Duo Ji in Chinese) northeastern face while Mt. Jambeyang's (Yang Mai Yong in Chinese) north face dominates the front view from the grasslands. And then walk to Chonggu Monastery (Tshonggo Gonpa), which is the place Joseph Rock called "Bandit Monastery". This small monastery is nearly 800 years old and sits at the base of Mt. Chenresig's north face. Set up camp on the grassland below the temple.(B, L, D)

Day 9: Chonggu Monastery - Kasi Hut (6 hrs trekking)

In the morning, we depart from Chonggu Monastery and trek along the right-hand wooden path to reach Pearl Lake at an altitude of 4140m. From the lakeshore, there is a great view of the north side of Mt. Chenresig. After 2 km trekking, we will come across a grassland area that is filled with Tibetan prayer flags. There are some stone huts here and probably some grazing yaks. This point offers one of the best views of Mt. Chenresig as we are now directly below the north face of the mountain. After an ascent and descent of a mountain pass, we finally get to today's campsite, Kasi Hut, with the direct views of Holy Jambeyang and Chenrezig.(B, L, D)

Day 10: Kasi Hut - Kasi Gulley - Kasi Village - Daocheng (5 hrs trekking)

Today, we'll explore the total wilderness of Yading Reserve to Kasi Gulley, more generally referred by local people and the Yading lovers the "Kasi Hell Valley". It is a narrow gulley west to the Yading Reserve stretching 13 km long to the Kasi Village at its deepest part 1000 meters, enclosuring odd-shaped rocks, raging flows, calcium lakes and the most primitive forest. Many of the rocks are described by local people metaphorically as guillotines, choppers and balance scales, something from the Hell. In the Tibetan legend or belief, people will have to walk through this gulley after their death and then towards the heaven. Therefore, one may say the heaven is the three Holy Mountains of Yading and the Hell is the Kasi Valley. When we walk out of the gulley is the Kasi Village where our private vehicle takes us back to Daocheng for lodging overnight.(B, L, D)

Day 11: Daocheng - Chengdu

After soaking in the majesty of the Tibetan Plateau, we will fly back to Chengdu from Daocheng/Yading airport. (B)

Price includes:

Meals as indicated, (B-breakfast, L-lunch, D-dinner), all accommodation (double occupancy), vehicle, driver and English-speaking guide, all entrance fees.

Price excludes:

International flights to/from China, China Entry Visa, tips to guide and driver, meals not indicated and personal expense, single room supplement, excess baggage charges.
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  • Trip length: 11 Days
  • Maximum altitude: 4800m
  • Accommodation: Hotel and camping
  • Recommended Time: April to June, September to October

Price From(Land Only)

$1439 USD

*You will need to pay single supplement fees if you requir a single room without sharing with other.

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